Time to "fine-tune" your operation.

Health Checks


We’ll engage with you to assess your operating environment against the markers of high performance in each of the 3 operational pillars (vision/culture, model and cadence). This will enable you to define your “unknown unknowns” and make them “known knowns”, creating a blueprint for you to perform a “tune up” of your operation.


  • Reports and presentations – for your senior leaders, executives and board. The reports/presentations will present the Health Check results, gap analysis and solution recommendations. If requested, the report can include proposal for implementation of solutions.

  • Presentation support and delivery – we can create a communication plan for you to use, and/or co-present reports/presentations with you. If requested, we can co-create a communication plan for the rest of your organisation.

Solution Design


We’ll work with you to design solutions, taking your “known knowns” and collaborating with you to create targeted, effective solutions.


  • Plans – strategic, business continuity, implementation, people lifecycle
  • Forecasts – financial/budget and workforce
  • Operating model and cadence – including governance
  • Leadership coaching, development and mentoring
  • Workshops/offsites – strategic planning and alignment, ideation and solution design

Please note scope will be agreed and will be based on your specific needs. This will contain any milestones, reports, deliverables, and end products that are expected to be provided It will also contain a timeline for all deliverables



We’ll work side by side with you to implement any part of your program of work, from discreet pieces to holistic end-to-end programs.



Education + Tools

Hi-Note Operations would be happy to consult with you to provide a range of workshops, webinars and tools which will assist you to complete your own health checks and create your own solutions. Contact us for a discussion about how we can help you.